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Oahu Maintenance Services

At Cornerstone Properties, we strive to keep your investment property in the best possible condition to maintain its value for the years to come. We have our own in house maintenance company, Foundation Maintenance Services, and also work with other third party vendors to do any repairs that are necessary when the time comes.

Below are preventative maintenance services we can offer you:

  • Hot Water Heater Maintenance+

    Price $100
    This Service Includes:

    • Inspect/Test Pressure Valve
    • Flush out tank
    • Wash out sediments
    • Test thermostat and controls
    • Change anode
    • Adjust temperature
    • Insulate pipes if deemed necessary
  • Garage Door Maintenance+

    Price $125
    This Service Includes:

    • Garage door tune up
    • Safety check - door panels, springs, sensors, tracks, safety release, hardware, etc.
    • Tighten all bolts/screws
    • Align electronic eyes if applicable for garage door opener

    Not Included:

    • Repair parts - extra charge for all materials needed for repair
    • Labor for repair - extra charge
  • Electrical Inspection (Licensed Electrician)+

    Price $150
    This Service Includes:

    • Inspect electrical distribution equipment
    • Inspect electrical connections for degradation and tightness
    • Inspect outlets, line cords, light bulbs, circuit breakers/fuses, appliances, extension cords
    • Electrical supply to appliances
    • Every room inspected as well as exterior
  • Termite & Pest Inspection (Licensed Inspector)+

    Price $125
    This Service Includes:

    • Review roofs, gutters, attics for cracks or other openings
    • Review interior of home: refuse storage area, drains, pipes, and sinks
    • Provides an estimate of property treatments for protection
    • Professional Termite Inspection Report with drawing(s)
  • Plumbing Inspection (Licensed Plumber)+

    Price $125
    This Service Includes:

    • Test water pressure
    • Check for faucet leaks and drips
    • Inspect garbage disposal
    • Leak test on all toilets
    • Check washer hoses
  • Comprehensive Photo Survey+

    Price $65
    This Service Includes:

    • Survey of property interior and exterior
    • Minimum of 20 photos
    • Photos of every room
    • List of repairs needed
    • List of recommended improvements if any

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