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Don't let Termites get the better of you (and your house!)

System - Thursday, October 11, 2012

Blog Image In Hawaii, termites can be a very harmful pest to property owners. These little critters are small and sometimes undetectable, but can cause tremendous damage.

We recommend that you get your property inspected every year for termites. Pest control specialists will go through your home and check all areas for signs of termites.

Ground/Subterranean termites don't leave behind evidence like other species do, so we always recommend to owners of single family homes to have your house treated for ground termites once every 5 years.

So if your house hasn't been inspected or treated recently, contact your local pest control company today before it's too late! It's always good to do some preventative maintenance.

Posted By:
Amanda Frazier
Cornerstone Properties
Property Manager and Chief Operating Officer